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Sick Day

Being sick is the pits. This nasty cold has been coming on since my Sunday long run (11.75 miles, farthest I’ve run since a casual 17-mile stretch of the Marine Corps Marathon in October) and today is the day I can’t take it anymore. I called in sick to work because the prospect of sitting at my desk–or even working from home, making phone calls and being tied to deadlines–made me nauseous. I figured it would be better to spend a day in bed recovering than continue on miserable and unable to shake the aches and cough.

The only saving grace is that it’s only January. While I’m watching the countdown to Boston and desperate to get back on the road after months of not running (thanks, sore foot), I’m thankful this is happening now rather than in March or later. That’s not to say I’ll escape an entire season illness-free, but I’m checking “get sick” off my list for awhile.

My remedy for such occasions includes herbal tea, lots of ibuprofen (a higher-than-recommended dose, approved by Dr. Dad) and plenty of time spent reading, blogging and TV-watching. I grew up with a doctor and nurse for parents, so if my sisters and I weren’t bleeding or dying, we pretty much sucked it up. Coupled with a high tolerance for pain, that means I tend to just let illness run its course.

But in the midst of intense training, how do you bounce back? When you don’t have time to be sick, what do you do to minimize the damage and recovery time?



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