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Sunday, Lazy Sunday

I slept for 14 hours last night. Which means I rolled out of bed at 1pm. It. Was. Awesome.

When I finally rallied, I was torn between the urge to go out for a long run and the problem(s) of 30 degree weather and a lingering cough. I decided to be smart (thanks Rachel) and lay low for the day. Basically, this meant getting out of bed to make toast and then jumping right back in to read away the afternoon.

By 3:30pm, I was ready to get some fresh air, so I decided to head to lululemon’s free weekly yoga class being held at the 15th St. location of Vida Fitness. It’s a vinyasa class, so it’s basically all the poses people are familiar with. I’ve long had mixed feelings about yoga — I’ve done it enough to where I’m familiar with the flow and can enjoy a 1-hr session, but I’m not into it to the point where a longer, self-guided or advanced class is fun. I get bored. And I like intensity. And I’d rather run.

But I’ve been doing yogalates at Yoga District (thanks, Groupon) for the past few weeks and have really enjoyed it. The bonus is that yogalates incorporates ab work, which I need, and feels like good exercise on an otherwise-off day. But now I think I could get into a weekly yoga session in the midst of all this other intense tri training as a mental and physical escape. Yoga District is a community-run studio, so the classes are WAY less expensive than most other places. And they have lots of styles and three locations. I’ll keep it in mind once my current pass expires.

In other news, it sounds like a lot of the High Cloud team is also planning to head to Kinetic in May, which I’ve already registered for. It’ll be my first tri (but not my first race) of the season, and I’ve got a lot of work to do!




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