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The Groupon/LivingSocial Challenge

When I started doing tris last summer, I gave up my gym membership. I loved working out at Washington Sports Club (shout out to Victor, who whipped my ass into shape during boot camp/abs twice a week), but when I was doing swim/bike/run nearly every morning and afternoon, I could no longer justify the monthly fee for the amount of usage I was getting. Plus, I wanted to put those dollars toward a siiiiick tri bike. Update: when my tax refund comes in, I’ll be well over the amount I’ve been shooting for.

But I truly love group workouts and still need some strength training in the midst of all my cardio. So when Jan. 1 hit, I gave myself a little challenge. Get creative, mix it up and save some money by participating only in Groupon (or LivingSocial) fitness deals. No annual memberships, no initiation fees — only the deeply discounted class passes or monthly trials.

So far I’ve been very successful. Just days after I set this goal, two great deals came along. The first was a five-class, one-month pass to Yoga District. I’ve attended a weekly yogalates class and learned to like yoga again. Next up — starting Feb. 14 — is a month of unlimited boot camp with Custom Fitness Concepts. As I’ve said, I love high intensity sweat fests, so this is right up my alley. I’ll be going 3 times per week for a month. I’ll report back.

And today I scored a $29 one-month passport membership to Balance Gym, which is less than two blocks from my apartment and offers great classes, a volleyball league and an intro Crossfit option. I also get one personal training session thrown in and discounts on spa services. I’ll start that in March, as soon as my boot camp comes to a close.

Now, I’ve been (and will continue to be) tempted to join or continue with these places. After all, that’s the point, isn’t it? Yoga District has very inexpensive class passes, and Balance Gym — if I like it — is super convenient and cheaper each month than a lot of area gyms. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to try Bikram yoga. I know LivingSocial had a recent Bikram deal, and I may do a one-week $20 unlimited pass at the Dupont studio just to see if I like it. That’s still a deal, right? But once I get through Balance, it’ll be warm enough to return to the great outdoors, run stairs, ride in Rock Creek, etc. and I’ll feel less need to be in a gym.

Long story short, this was a great way to check out different gym options, switch up my workouts and save some money while getting fit. What about you? Have you had great Groupon/LivingSocial success?



One thought on “The Groupon/LivingSocial Challenge

  1. I love hot yoga but wasn’t a fan of bikram, but some people love it!!! I haven’t done any of the recent groupons because I swim/bike/run plus pay for a gym. Although my gym is cheap and awesome!

    Posted by katie | February 4, 2011, 11:02 AM

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