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Sweat Fest Round II

I survived my first Bikram class today. 90 minutes of dripping ALL OVER EVERYWHERE.

I have a week between the expiration of my Yoga District pass and my first day of boot camp, so I figured now would be a great opportunity to check out sweat-filled yoga. Bikram Dupont offers a $20 week-long unlimited class pass for new students, which is more or less a Groupon-worthy deal, considering that each class costs $20 for drop-ins.

Here are a few impressions:

–I started sweating when I walked in from outside. Before I ever entered the studio. I knew I was in for a tough 90 minutes.

–There’s no flow to Bikram. It’s much more regimented than other types of yoga I’ve done. Every class is the same. While this could be good — because it allows participants to get really strong and develop the poses — I really like classes that are different every time. My boot camp instructor at WSC never did the same thing twice in the six months I attended his class.

–It draws a very mixed group of people, ages, backgrounds, etc. than any other yoga I’ve done. And no one is modest. Because when you’re sweating, you care very little about what you look like to others. That means people don’t wear much.

–There’s a definite culture around Bikram. The way the studio/changing rooms/relaxation space is set up, the routines people have before and after class, etc. But in some ways you can’t tell if anyone is a newbie.

–So. Much. Sweat. I gave up trying to wipe it out of my eyes because, hey, what’s the point?

–Several times I found myself wishing I was upstairs at Yoga District in a flow or yogalates class. This is huge for me, as I’ve never been much of a yoga person.

–I needed so much water — and a good meal — after class. And it felt damn good to get outside in the cold.

Assessment: Bikram is a fun, challenging and an interesting workout. I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I would be a regular. I’ll use my pass to the fullest extent possible this week, and maybe do a few classes here and there, but I won’t be splurging on a monthly membership.




5 thoughts on “Sweat Fest Round II

  1. I’ve wanted to try the Dupont studio for a while, but I heard that it is kind of pretentious from others. Did you get that impression at all?

    Posted by Liz | February 7, 2011, 2:37 PM
    • Hmm…I didn’t feel that way, and I’ve definitely been to studios that are incredibly pretentious. Maybe it depends on the crowd and which class time you attend?

      Posted by Emily | February 7, 2011, 4:30 PM


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