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Sunday Long Run (Capri Special)

It was warm enough to run in capris and a tech t-shirt on Sunday. So amazing.

I started my weekly long run on the late side because I woke up at 7am, watched (dozed through) an hour of the first stage of the Tour of Qatar and then passed out again. I was expecting to wake up and get moving around 9am, but then looked at my phone. 10:45. Oops.

Saw the sun shining, got dressed and bolted out the door.

Anyway, I was planning to run 13-14 miles to build a little bit on last week’s 12, and I wanted to try something out of the ordinary for my course. So I headed up Connecticut Ave. toward Maryland. Note to self — straight uphill for almost 8 miles.

This is where I got a bit lost in Upper NW. When I got to Chevy Chase Circle, I decided it would probably be a good time to head back down. I knew Wisconsin also ran up in that direction, and I wanted a change of scenery for the second half of the route. So I picked a random street, turned left and hoped it was going where I wanted it to go. Luckily, my sense of direction is pretty good, and I hit Wisconsin less than a mile later.

Fortunately for me, I ended up in Friendship Heights, where the shopping is absolutely awesome. I’ve discovered that while running is the absolute best time to shop because — in most cases — you’re not carrying money and can’t easily carry purchases home. You can simply window shop and thus avoid spending money (and drool over all the things you wish you could buy). That’s the sole reason I run in Georgetown.

Anyway, after a glance or two at Anthropologie, Tiffany and Co. and a few other spots, I headed down Wisconsin (and I mean down — note the elevation chart above), through Georgetown and onto a reverse Bridges loop. The Potomac ain’t the prettiest river in the world, but it definitely made me smile given the great weather.

Finished at 15 miles just under 2:20. Longer than I was planning on, but it felt great.

After inhaling a bowl of cereal, I ran two exciting errands, the purpose of which will be revealed next week. Stay tuned…



One thought on “Sunday Long Run (Capri Special)

  1. nice long run (can you tell i’m catching up on google reader?). i need to do that big uphill sometime soon in prep for the national half.

    Posted by katie | February 7, 2011, 10:04 PM

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