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The Money Tree

If someone could please locate one of these, I’d really appreciate it.


What if money grew on trees? People say that all the time, but man, one of these things would seriously help me out with my training needs. For example, here are a few fitness-related things I would do if money were no object:

  • Purchase everything on my wish list.
  • Join L.A. Boxing. I had a membership for a few months when I was living/interning in Atlanta, and it’s absolutely the best workout ever. Gym boxing classes don’t even come close. I was in sick shape that summer.
  • Have a monthly unlimited yoga pass at Yoga District.
  • Travel to races outside the mid-Atlantic region. Right now, I can’t afford to go to California for Vineman or to the Puerto Rico 70.3 or to any other exciting locale.
  • Feel less guilty about my expensive Whole Foods grocery bill every week.
  • Join a CSA and get fresh/local produce delivered to my door.
  • Repay the huge dent in my savings account caused by recent tri-related expenses.

What about you? If money grew on trees, how would you spend it on training, wellness, etc.?



3 thoughts on “The Money Tree

  1. yeah…triathlons. they are sucking me dry too. sigh. the things we do!

    Posted by katie | February 7, 2011, 10:02 PM
  2. sigh, we can dream, right? I like the idea of making a wish list. Perhaps that will be my next post!

    Posted by amy | February 11, 2011, 11:15 AM


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