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Because It’s Valentine’s Day…

I personally am not a fan of this holiday, but Competitor made it a little bit lighter by posting a funny story about how to date a triathlete. It’s an interesting answer to the debate spurred a few weeks back by WSJ’s article on the strain endurance training puts on relationships.


As a refresher, that story was about how  training often can leave one half of a relationship behind, creating an “exercise widow,” which can lead to jealousy, resentment and a whole host of other concerns. The Competitor post offers four tips for “anyone married to multisport by affiliation and not necessarily personal choice.”

The four rules: 1) Get your own life 2) Change your expectations for intimacy 3) Take advantage of the perks, like global travel and 4) Learn to make a great protein shake paint the picture that life with a triathlete ain’t half bad. Because who can argue with flying all over the world for races — especially when you’re just a spectator — or the basic task of making a post-workout meal every now and then?

All joking aside, I think the most critical rule is to do your own thing and have a life that doesn’t depend on your relationship. If your significant other is training hours upon hours each week and you have nothing to do but sit around and wait for him/her, you’re going to get really bored/resentful really fast. As the author says, “long-lasting love is also about compromise and supporting each other’s differences.” So that means you each live your lives (because you are your own people, after all) and remember that sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the other person’s sanity. Whether that means letting him go out and train all day Saturday or taking the night off from the pool to attend an event she’s hosting for work, flexibility and knowing why you are in a relationship in the first place are really important.


Just remember all relationships need boundaries and it doesn’t hurt to remind your athlete that a simple note or card as a thank you always goes a long way.

But I’m not the expert. End of love-related post.



2 thoughts on “Because It’s Valentine’s Day…

  1. guh, i hate valentine’s day. my husband married a triathlete, so far so good i suppose. i’ll ask him. 🙂

    Posted by katie | February 14, 2011, 4:22 PM
  2. Yum, protein shakes made by someone else. It’s definitely a treat!

    Posted by amy | February 15, 2011, 8:09 AM

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