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Two Good Swims So Far

Wilson and I are becoming good friends this week. And I have to say, I’m enjoying this budding relationship. It takes me back to the good ol’ days of club swimming — though without the post-meet water polo matches and fun “get-out” swims — and I feel like I’m getting a good workout.

Tuesday was 2600m, divided as follows:

Warmup: 400 swim/300 pull/200 kick/100 drill

Drill set: 2 x 150 (25 drill/50 swim)

Main set: 6 x 200 (odd focused on technique, evens moderate pace)

Cooldown: 100 easy

Unfortunately, Tuesday/Thursday evenings are filled with water aerobics classes and masters swim practices, so I got really cranky really fast over sharing a lane with 8 other people of all speeds and abilities. Today I was in the water by 5:20pm, which meant I had more time to finish my workout before being kicked to the only “free” lane. And that means more yardage.

Warmup: 400 swim/300 pull/200 kick/100 drill (I like this, obviously)

Main set: 5 x [2 x 200, moderate pace]

1min rest between sets

Kick set: 8 x 50 breaststroke kick, build

Cooldown: 100 easy

For a total of 3500m in a little more than an hour. Success.

A few observations on the evening — it’s time to retire the suit I was wearing, unless the rest of Wilson’s swimmers care to see my butt, and I forgot a rubber band and had to improvise putting my hair up with 3 pins (not easy, it’s long and thick) [edit: to calm it enough to get my cap on]. I think this was partly the result of being a bag lady and having to remember what I’ll need for a workout that’s 8 hours away.

Anyway, it’s back to the pool in the morning. I might as well move in.



3 thoughts on “Two Good Swims So Far

  1. Nice swims! Are you really not wearing a cap to swim? I would go nuts with my hair all over the place like that!!

    Posted by Beth | February 24, 2011, 9:18 PM
  2. I feel that way too about moving in to the pool. I haven’t found a comfortable place to sleep yet, but it still might be worth it not to have to carry everything around!

    Posted by amy | February 25, 2011, 11:56 AM

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