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{Epic} Saturday Spin Week #8

We’ve only got two sessions left in our ten-week spin program, and I have to say, week eight wins for being the hardest — yet most rewarding — class yet.

I’ve had a hard time reaching and sustaining the appropriate heart rate on some of the high-intensity intervals (which does NOT mean I wasn’t working hard), but today I finally managed to do the workout exactly as intended. Somehow I just got in the zone, stayed there and worked through the sweat and burning muscles. And it felt GOOD.

You also know you’re killing it when Ron comes over and says, “Are you feeling good this week? I can tell — you’ve been right on.”

Similar workout to last Saturday, but we’re working toward spending more time at race pace. The time in Z4 is longer and the RPMs for each set slightly higher:

15-minute warmup

5 x (40 sec HI, 20 sec LOW) at 90RPM

3 min recovery

Repeat three times, increasing RPM by 5 each time

10 min Z2

4 min High Z3/6 min Low Z4/3 min Mid Z4/2 min High Z4/60 sec Max @ 90 RPM

5 min recovery

Repeat twice, increasing RPM by 5

6 min cooldown

Total: 2:02:11, 26.75 miles

A thing of beauty...

I was planning to swim and run after class, but when I got to Wilson, the pool was CRAZY CROWDED. Like 12-plus people per lane. The Masters team had four lanes reserved, and I knew I would be super cranky having to share with that many people, particularly because my planned workout involved a lot of kicking and broken 200s.

I made the snap decision to save the swim for tomorrow and just pool run instead. The downside? The leisure pool was closed, so all the parents and small children were playing in the aqua-jog lane. I spent the entire 40 minutes running around them. I like kids and have a lot of patience for them, but not when they are in the way of my workout and their parents are blissfully unaware of it.

Anyway, it was a fairly successful session followed by a few minutes in the hot tub (one of the reasons I love Wilson).

5 min easy warmup

5 x [5 min HARD, 1 min recovery]

6 min easy cooldown

Total: 41 minutes

A word on nutrition: I always eat a slice of peanut butter toast before my morning workouts, and today I added a banana into the mix. It works well because it satisfies my immediate hunger, provides ample calories without making me feel full or sick and is DELISH. I haven’t been in the habit of eating during spin, though next week I might incorporate some Shot Bloks or something similar. After today’s class — because I wasn’t going straight home — I stopped at Whole Foods for a chocolate chip peanut butter Clif bar and another banana. Again, sufficient calories/hunger satisfaction to make it through the workout without being gross. I’m reading Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight and doing some additional research on nutrition, so as I get further into training I’ll be testing different combos.



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