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High Cloud

Dream Team Dinner

The High Cloud Dream Team had its official welcome dinner on Monday, the first time we’ve all had the opportunity to sit down and get to know each other since we joined the group earlier this year. Though some of us had interacted at various events or outside workouts, we had yet to get together as a team. And with the exception of a few members scattered around the country, we were out in full force for a great meal at Cafe Italia in Arlington, Va.

The purpose of the dinner was to learn more about High Cloud, the amazing work the organization is doing around the world and the opportunities we’ll have as Dream Team members, as well as a chance for us to get to know one another off the road and outside the pool. Many of us have interacted only when sweaty and in workout gear — everyone looks different when dressed for dinner!

Before Matt and Adriana provided us with lots of great information about High Cloud, team members went around the table doing introductions. As if it wasn’t already apparent, this is an impressive group, both on and off the race course, and I think we’re all excited about learning from each other on a personal, professional and athletic level. And after a presentation about High Cloud’s work and mission, I think we’re all better prepared to be ambassadors going forward — giving that essential elevator speech.

In the midst of the chatter, we ordered dinner. If you want to make hungry triathletes happy, feed them pasta and bread. End of story. We closed the meal with slices of an incredible — and personalized — cake from Sweet Cakes DC. Chocolate mint cake for the bottom layer: DELISH.



One thought on “Dream Team Dinner

  1. ummm, i need that cake. or some cake. holy crow.

    Posted by katie | March 2, 2011, 9:57 AM

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