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Apparently Anything’s Possible

I love Saturday spin, but man, have I struggled to match the effort I put out in class in my at-home sessions.

Not tonight.

Tonight I motivated myself — with no help from Ron’s yelling at everyone — to push to my limit. And I think it was as strong or stronger than Saturday’s performance. The metrics look very similar and are right on:

I also felt good for the whole workout and was actually excited to get to those hard intervals because I knew I could push through them. Total time: 2:00:00, 26.09 miles.

I also managed to drag myself out of bed this morning to head back to the pool. I haven’t been sleeping well, so this was somewhat of a chore, but when I arrived at Wilson at 6am and the pool was completely empty, I was pumped. And I only had to share a lane with one other person for the entire hour. Success.

I started out with our traditional “meet warmup” and then went into part of the IM workout I did last night. Again, I’m all about variation in stroke, distance and speed to keep things interesting.

400 MI (backwards IM), kick 25/swim 25

400 free, drill/swim

6 x 200 [100 IM, 75 free fast, 25 recovery back]

300 kick

4 x 50 free, build

Total: 1 hr, 2500m

I’m planning to swim tomorrow and Friday, which would make four days in a row. I think I’ll be ready to go when my first race rolls around?



2 thoughts on “Apparently Anything’s Possible

  1. Those are some great workouts! I am definitely going to steal that swim sometime!

    And I sometimes have trouble sleeping when I’m dehydrated, just something to look out for!

    Posted by Beth | March 3, 2011, 6:50 AM
  2. 4 days in a row? you’re going to be kicking ass and taking names in the water.

    Posted by Emily | March 3, 2011, 11:49 AM

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