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Saturday Spin Week #9…and a Run!

Today was the last session of our 10-week spin program before next Saturday’s threshold test. And I can go ahead and say that I absolutely benefited from this series. I get to a higher heart rate more easily and with less pain, and I’m sure my next test will show that my LT has increased by a few beats. Base training, you’ve been good to me.

The whole point of this progression was to spend more and more time at race pace with less recovery. Hence the 8 minutes each in high Z3 and throughout Z4 (instead of only a few minutes in the higher zones). That last four minutes in high Z4 — and even into low Z5, for a minute or so — was brutal but felt oh so good. I’m proud of this HR graph, I must say.

15-minute warmup

5 x (45 sec HI, 15 sec LOW) at 90RPM

3 min recovery

Repeat three times

8 min High Z3/8 min Low Z4/8 min Mid Z4/4 min High Z4 @ 90 RPM

5 min recovery


10 min cooldown

Total: 1:52:08 (plus at least 10 minutes spinning before we officially started), 25.01 miles

In other news…I’M BAAAAAACK! Three cheers for running pain free!

After being cleared to get back on the road, I finally ventured out for a short afternoon jaunt around Dupont/Woodley/U St. It turns out I didn’t miss a beat while I was focused on swimming and biking, as I negative split every mile and easily ended at an 8:10 pace. Not overly fast, but not a lot of effort expended either. I think this means that after Boston, I’m going to stay focused on my weaknesses and spend less energy on run training. Hopefully that will make my swim/bike legs stronger and make me less prone to injury.

Total: 37:16, 4.28 miles

Now I’ve got my feet up and am catching up on this week’s TV shows. I love Saturday.



3 thoughts on “Saturday Spin Week #9…and a Run!

  1. That HR graph is awesome! Nice workouts. And congrats on a pain free run!

    Posted by Beth | March 5, 2011, 5:50 PM
  2. Awesome workouts today! I miss those spin sessions. Hopefully they do it again when I’m less marathon focused!

    Posted by wishyouworkedhere | March 6, 2011, 8:03 AM


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