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One Down, 21 To Go

Well, I survived my first week of IM training. And I’d say it was a success.

My plan, courtesy of Coach AJ, is 22 weeks (5.5 months) and starts out at about the volume I’ve been doing since early February. So I’m plugging along as usual, which is perfect given this weekend’s BIG EVENT. I had some great workouts and easily hit the total planned time.

The breakdown…


Planned/Actual time — 5:00/3:30

Actual distance — 11,200m


Planned/Actual time — 5:10/8:27

Actual distance — 130.16 miles


Planned/Actual time — 3:00/2:54

Actual distance — 20.88 miles


Actual time — 00:15:00


Planned/Actual time — 13:10:00/15:00:58

Clearly a great week on the bike and in the pool, and as appropriate for two weeks out from a marathon, limited but quality running. I’m very proud of my Friday night 5500m swim session, my Saturday hill ride and my Sunday “recovery” ride at Hains. The latter was a great day for my tri bike handling skills and holding 22-25mph by myself. I realize that’s not that impressive, but a small victory for someone who can climb and then gets her ass kicked on the flats.

I imagine I’ll be well above my scheduled time on the bike most weeks [because I love riding and will throw in extra sessions as the weather improves] and below on the swim [because I’m strong in the pool and the plan builds in more time than I need for the workout distances].

In any case, week one, CHECK. This next week will be a little bit off because I’m doing a mini taper for Boston and definitely won’t be getting in my long weekend workouts.



2 thoughts on “One Down, 21 To Go

  1. Great week, especially since you’re supposed to be tapering! 🙂

    Posted by amy | April 11, 2011, 2:54 PM
  2. Wow, those bike numbers seem super impressive to me! Your peak training is going to be out of control. Awesome 🙂

    Posted by Beth | April 11, 2011, 7:59 PM

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