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Boston Packing List

Packing is my least favorite thing in the world. It doesn’t matter where I’m going or what I need to take — it always and forever will be a frustrating experience.

For something as important as a race, it’s critical that I take with me everything I could possibly need. Know the number one rule for race day? NOTHING NEW. That means it doesn’t work just to buy whatever you forgot at your destination. Though, there will be lots of shopping at the Boston expo. Duh.

Usually I just pack by gathering everything I love and could ever possibly need, laying it out on the bed and throwing it all into a bag. But for Boston I felt a list was in order. Especially because I need several sets of running clothes, as well as a contingency plan for all possible weather situations.

On the list:

  • 3 each: running shorts, dri-fit Ts and sports bras
  • 1 pair running capris
  • 2 jackets (High Cloud and official Boston)
  • Visor, sunglasses, arm warmers, gloves
  • Warm-up pants
  • 2 long-sleeve pullovers
  • Running shoes
  • Pre-race packet/number pick-up card
  • 5 pairs of socks

So I laid all that out and realized — oh yeah — I won’t be running the whole time. I might need some real-person clothes. So I threw in jeans and all the comfy J Crew tops I own, along with some flats and my Chucks.


For anyone who will be watching live on the course, here’s what I *think* I’ll be wearing on race day:

Live and in-person Nike ad? That’s me. Dear Nike, if you’d like to send along some free gear…

I also made a quick stop at Whole Foods for my favorite Clif bar flavors, some individual PB packs (for my morning toast) and other snacks. I’m ready to go to bed so Mom and I can get up and GO TO BOSTON.

Another fun surprise for the day? My roommate (and coworker, and friend) Megan made a giant Boston/running-themed card and had everyone at my office sign it without my knowing anything about it. It’s unfolded in the picture to show off the awesome front-and-back imagery:

The messages were fantastic. Many favorites, and lots of “smahhhht” and “pahhty” Boston accent references, but here’s one:

“Good luck! Only way I would run that far would be when a bear was chasing me.”

Duly noted.




2 thoughts on “Boston Packing List

  1. Psssh, no need for real people clothes. It looks like you’ve got it all covered. Socks? Underwear? Bib info? Done. Have a great weekend and kick ass in the marathon on Monday!

    Posted by Beth | April 15, 2011, 10:16 PM
  2. dont forget the required packet! kick ass lady, ill be stalking you.

    Posted by Lauren | April 15, 2011, 11:13 PM

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