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Just For Fun, Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday: After Boston

I’ve spent so many hours carefully crafting my Boston race report(s) — but here’s what else is going on in life:

1. I’m almost back to normal as far as soreness goes. I had a lot of trouble with stairs, moving from sitting to standing and back again and generally getting myself from one place to another, but today seems to be a huge improvement. I’ve been sore after my other races, but never have I ever felt so much tightness in my quads. Thanks, hills!

2. This is my third rest day in a row. I had big plans to swim or ride last night and then hit the pool again this morning,  but I was so sleepy, sore and generally cranky that there was no way any of those things were happening. It’s hard to go from the high of an “A” race right back into intense training, but since we’re still so early in the season and my first 70.3 is just 3.5 weeks away, I have to figure out how to balance the recovery my body needs with my training plan. The huge upside is that I’m clearly in good shape (Did I mention PR’d by 7 minutes? No worries, I’m happy to repeat it) and now just need to focus more on race-specific work than building base fitness. And I was super tempted to go for a run last night when the temps were above 80 degrees (!!!) but resisted. Brian would chop my legs right off if he knew I ran less than 48 hours post-marathon.

3. To celebrate my Boston success, I had a mojito (or three or four) on Tuesday night. That’s all I’ll say about that.

It’s almost Friday! What’s on your agenda for the weekend?



2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: After Boston

  1. Mojitos are excellent recovery drinks. I think the mint in them is an anti-inflamitory? Perfect for sore muscles. I promise.

    Take as much recovery time as you need. A few days off after the most kickass marathon ever is not going to kill your 70.3!

    Posted by Beth | April 21, 2011, 2:34 PM
  2. Delightful. Two happy hours just went on the calendar for the week(s) after the marathon. I’m so excited.

    Posted by Amy | April 21, 2011, 2:41 PM

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