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Summer Cycling Extravaganza

You know summer’s almost here when every triathlete and cyclist in D.C. descends on Conte’s for Tuesday night hills.

Last night was the first weekly Arlington ride that continues until fall. Not only does it bring out everyone in the general area who owns a bike, but the first Tuesday of each month includes free post-ride food. And beer, apparently. Win.

Katie and I met up and planned to do the workout together. Unfortunately, I wasn’t listening at all when they were talking about the route — this is turning into a pattern — and the few times I went last year I always did the crit loop course, which is a short loop with a super steep hill that people ride a few times and then head out for a few rounds on Military Rd. When the groups split, Katie went one way and I went the other. Then I got frustrated because the other riders in the group I was in were climbing super slowly and kept stopping to regroup. Not so conducive to a good workout. So I went and did my own thing, though you’re never really alone because the area just isn’t that big for 200-plus riders. Katie went with the A group and killed the workout, though, which was basically the NCVC loop we almost died on last week.

Hooray hills!

But, like the burrito ride, the end game was food. Baja Fresh catered, so Tex-Mex it was. We waited in line for a loooong time behind a lot of hungry people:

BEER solved that problem:

And then we inhaled tacos and cupcakes:

We’ll have to wait until June for the next BBQ party, but see you next week for the ride!



2 thoughts on “Summer Cycling Extravaganza

  1. Nice job! That ride totally intimidates me, but if it includes beer and tacos I might have to join you guys sometime 🙂

    Posted by Beth | May 4, 2011, 2:11 PM
  2. I had such a blast! The map of your ride looks hilarious (tiny loops). I’m still leaning towards half the NCVC ride next week instead of Conte’s, but after that I’m back!

    Posted by katie | May 5, 2011, 10:13 AM

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