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Challenge: #50KinMay

This month I’m taking on a challenge that, hopefully, will make my swim just a little bit stronger.

I’ll be swimming 50,000m before the end of May.

I heard about this challenge from Victoria (via Amy) and decided it would be a good motivator to get my ass in the pool when all I really want to do is press snooze on my alarm. As background: I’m a good swimmer after years on a competitive team (thanks, Jamey and Bill!), but it’s probably my least favorite triathlon leg. Both from a training and racing standpoint. The pool is a pain to get to, it requires a lot more effort for the same workout time and — generally — won’t make or break your race.

Before my training plan formally started, I was in the pool a lot and swimming 3,500m for each session. Now that I can run on the road and my plan actually calls for less yardage, I’ve gotten a little lazy. I’m also easily bored in the water.

But others also are on this mission and are going to keep me going by meeting me for workouts here and there. And it’ll be my goal to up the distance per session so I don’t have to swim every day or end up with a monster 10,000m session over Memorial Day weekend.

Progress so far:

2600m on Monday (it was a test day)

3000m on Thursday

4200m on Friday (thanks, Victoria!)

For a grand total of 9800m. 6 days down, 25 left to go.

The complicating factors will be my May 14 race — I’ll be swimming but just under 2000m — and two days out of town the following weekend. If anyone wants to join in for a workout or two, I’d love the company!



3 thoughts on “Challenge: #50KinMay

  1. Love for the 50k In May. We can do this! For when you are traveling, check out swimmersguide.com – it saves me on business travel.

    Posted by Victoria (District Chocoholic) | May 6, 2011, 3:41 PM
  2. ok I am not going to try this or else my tomb stone will say “Lauren Riley. 1986-2011. Passed away due to drowning from trying to swim 50,000 yards in a 30 day period”

    Posted by Lauren | May 6, 2011, 3:44 PM
  3. I kind of want to do this… even though I haven’t been swimming yet this month and its already the 8th. But all I’d need is 2500 per day for 20 days, right? Is that insane??? yes.

    Posted by Beth | May 8, 2011, 12:50 PM

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