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Long, Flat, Hot

Still trying to catch up on blog posts. I know. I’ve been busy and motivation to write is low.

I did set a PDR for the season so far on the bike last weekend. Lauren and I drove out to Queenstown, Md. to ride a super flat course in preparation for Eagleman — she’s racing, I’m not — which is known for being shadeless, flat and miserably hot. 70-plus miles, coming right up!

We headed out around 7am, which these days looks and feels more like 10am, with a fully-packed car. Two bikes, two sets of cycling/running gear and plenty of food.

Lauren made the cue sheet — all I had to do was show up — which took us through lots of farmland, a state park and past a few cemetaries. Beautiful but flat as a pancake.

Now, I realize to all the non-cyclists out there a flat course sounds like heaven. Not so. Not only is climbing my strength, but hills give you a chance to take a break and coast, whereas on flats you’re constantly pedaling. And you never escape the wind, which for whatever reason always seems to be a headwind or crosswind. Hills can be hard, sure, but at least there’s some variation. It took me about 20 miles to get warmed up, but by the time we both hit 73 miles and arrived back at the car we were more than ready to get the hell out of the saddle.

We also blew through all of our nutrition and fluid and had to stop at a gas station around mile 55 or so to refill. The cold water tasted like heaven compared to the air temp stuff left in our bottles.

Overall, it was a great ride and — I think — good prep for Eagleman. I took off on a short 1.5 mile run when we got back to the car. I’m going to try to brick after every long ride, even if it’s just 10 minutes, so my body gets used to going straight from bike to run. Success. Which means…


We were hungry and very sugar-deprived, so we stopped at this little place across the street from the bank at which we parked. This is Smalltown USA, but there’s good pizza on offer.

After replenishing *some* of our calorie deficit, we headed back to DC for naps (at least that’s what I did). But not before discovering my awesome new sunburn:

Yeah. I wore sunscreen. I had this brilliant idea not to wear a jersey with sleeves so as not to look ridiculous in my formal dress next weekend, but it totally backfired and I just ended up with a racerback burn I’m going to have to work all summer to get rid of. Sigh. The bad tan lines live on.

So — we drove nearly an hour to get a ride in on specific terrain. What lengths will you go to in order to get the workout you want?



3 thoughts on “Long, Flat, Hot

  1. Flat is SO much harder than rolling hills. And not nearly as entertaining. Nice job on the ride!!

    Posted by Beth | May 26, 2011, 5:01 PM
  2. Where I live is super hilly and I hate it. The hills kill me. I am trying to figure out how to beat them but I have been rather unsuccessful so far

    Posted by Shannon | May 26, 2011, 7:16 PM


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