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Get It, Soldier — TRX and Kettlebells

I’m still adding to my list of fun offseason activities, a project that has basically turned into “buy every discounted gym pass possible and try to keep them all straight” and “don’t fall in love with anything because you won’t be able to afford the time or money during marathon/triathlon training.” Anyway, we’re going to … Continue reading

Christmas Lights Run

With temps in the mid-50s last night (it’s December, I KNOW), I pretty much had to go for a run. Shorts and a T-shirt, yes please! There’s almost nothing I love more than running in D.C. at night (maybe rivaled only by running at sunrise). The monuments are lit up and everything is so peaceful … Continue reading

Barres and Bruises

Whew. My life has been total and complete chaos since Thanksgiving (well, really since Nov. 1, but we won’t go there). Now that I’m finally settled into my new job and new apartment and have some semblance of a routine, I can get back to my training and my blog and my actual life. HOORAY! … Continue reading

Weekend Adventuring

I like the idea of using “adventuring” as a verb — all credit to this girl. And this weekend I did a little bit of adventuring in an effort to make my offseason as enjoyable and reinvigorating as possible. Step #1: Finally make it to the indoor climbing gym I’ve had my eye on for … Continue reading

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