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Yup, Still Fun — 2012 All American Road Race

First things first. I’m really in love with my bike, and I’m so happy to be at the point where I can’t wait to ride, where I’m excited to get my ass kicked by fast boys, where I’m getting my money’s worth and then some with my recent investment. Also, I’m the proud owner of … Continue reading

Pack Mentality: 2012 Jeff Cup Women’s 4 Race Report

[I’d like to interrupt your regularly-schedule blogging hiatus for a not-really-that-important update. Sorry.] Well, y’all, I raced my bike this weekend, and the world did not end. SPOILER: In fact, it turns out cycling is a whole hell of a lot of fun. I’ve been dickering and dithering about road racing for quite awhile now. … Continue reading

All Of The Sexy

Remember last spring when I was really really excited about the arrival of my super sweet tri bike? When I couldn’t sit still and spent more than a few minutes shrieking and running in circles when I finally was able to see it in real life? Well, November 29th might give March 24th a run … Continue reading

Weekend Adventuring

I like the idea of using “adventuring” as a verb — all credit to this girl. And this weekend I did a little bit of adventuring in an effort to make my offseason as enjoyable and reinvigorating as possible. Step #1: Finally make it to the indoor climbing gym I’ve had my eye on for … Continue reading

The Dual Sufferfest

So I had brilliant plans for my weekend. I was going to ride my bike lots and lots, run errands, catch up on sleep, do some cooking and generally enjoy the end of my first week back at work. Nope. Sufferfest Part I: Friday night began and ended with food poisoning or a 24-hour stomach … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Offseason’s Coming

1. You guys, I ran a 1:30 half marathon last weekend! Every time I think about this I get excited. Post-IM fitness WHAT UP. On the slight downside, my body is still a little bit mad at me, probably not helped along by my first boot camp class in months. But the off-season goal is … Continue reading

The Wonders of Funemployment

Sorry for the nearly two-week absence. I’m making a few big life changes — new job, new apartment — and have had some great down time that I’ve spent doing anything but working and blogging. But there was bicycle riding — oh yes, lots. Here’s my funemployment vacation in pictures (and a few words): The … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Hello Fall!

1. I really really really love fall. Leaves, pumpkin EVERYTHING, a sweat-free walk to work, all great things. Rachel wrote a wonderful post this week about fun fall activities, of which I plan to partake in many. The other best thing ever about this season is that it offers perfect riding weather. A little chilly … Continue reading

A Day At The Races

Hi friends! Sorry for being MIA for, um, a long time. In my post-IM bliss, I’ve been eating good food, visiting my sisters down in Durham, catching up with friends, sleeping in — doing a lot besides training and blogging and I’m loving every minute of having my real life back. I have only been … Continue reading

Century Rides 2011 — Round #6: Reston

Well, I’m back from vacation, and what better way to end my final pre-taper training week with one last century ride? After seven days of sitting on the beach — don’t worry, I didn’t miss a single workout! — it was great to get back into the IM mindset with six hours in the saddle. … Continue reading

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