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Back and Better Than Ever

So the past three months have been brilliant. Mostly because it’s summer, and I’ve spent a lot of time by the pool, biked and sailed my way through Croatia, and generally enjoyed any and all training I’ve done because it’s been well balanced by time spent not training. But despite this sort of lax, do-what-I-want … Continue reading

A String of [Semi-Related] Thoughts

Well, y’all, it appears that all I need to do from now on is complain about things — on the Internet, to my PT, to my mom over and over and over, thankfully she’s patient — and life will magically get better. I’ve had two appointments with (insurance-approved) PT #2, and I feel really good … Continue reading


I am not really a shoe person. Ask my sister, the queen of shoes. While she’d drop $$$ without even thinking, I like a few really good pairs and couldn’t really be bothered to buy things I can’t see myself wearing regularly. Not that I can’t appreciate Louboutins — I can — I just don’t … Continue reading

All Of The Sexy

Remember last spring when I was really really excited about the arrival of my super sweet tri bike? When I couldn’t sit still and spent more than a few minutes shrieking and running in circles when I finally was able to see it in real life? Well, November 29th might give March 24th a run … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Hello Fall!

1. I really really really love fall. Leaves, pumpkin EVERYTHING, a sweat-free walk to work, all great things. Rachel wrote a wonderful post this week about fun fall activities, of which I plan to partake in many. The other best thing ever about this season is that it offers perfect riding weather. A little chilly … Continue reading

A Day At The Races

Hi friends! Sorry for being MIA for, um, a long time. In my post-IM bliss, I’ve been eating good food, visiting my sisters down in Durham, catching up with friends, sleeping in — doing a lot besides training and blogging and I’m loving every minute of having my real life back. I have only been … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

1. I got some goodies in the mail today! Last week I ordered a racing kit from the awesome ladies at Soas, and I’m hoping this will be the first (and obviously most important) time I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing while racing. I also received two things I’ve had on my list for awhile … Continue reading

Bike 101: Clipless Pedals

In conversations about cycling, I hear a lot of feedback from runners and triathletes who are hesitant to get on their bikes because they’re afraid of clipless pedals. Fear of falling, fear of being stuck, inability to clip in, you name it. And those fears aren’t without grounds. Why do you think recreational riders use … Continue reading

Beautiful Bikes: Cervelo R&D

There’s a ton of buzz around the new Cervelo S5, designed as an aero road bike (which tech experts say is a good choice if you want just one machine for road riding and tri racing), but in addition to wanting (needing?) this awesome new toy, I now think cycling is even cooler than I … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Feel Better Edition

1. I really dislike being sick. It’s screwing with my training plans, possibly keeping me from heading to #fitbloggin this weekend and all around getting in the way of life. I can’t afford to be out for several days after each race — or really at all for the rest of the season — so … Continue reading

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