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The Ugly Duckling

I haven’t had much to say lately. I have more than a few draft posts sitting around unfinished, and I can’t seem to find the inspiration to get past the first paragraph of any of them. But — I think I finally found the words to finish this one thanks to a few weekends spent … Continue reading

No, Really, I Will: The Plan For 2012

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t do a post about goals, resolutions, blah blah blah? Really, though, I only write specific goals for my races, and I consider resolutions to be things that are made with good intentions but that often fail in the follow-through. So, let’s think of this more … Continue reading

The Year That Treated Me Well

It’s pretty hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  It seems like the older I get, the faster the days fly by. Even so, I managed to fit a lot into that seemingly short period of time. I didn’t set any specific goals for the year (other than to survive, maybe), but … Continue reading

The Ironman Wisconsin Goal Post

Subtitle: Coming to Terms with What’s Possible at Ironman Wisconsin [Thanks to Jon for the inspiration.] I’ve been writing this post in my head for a long, looooong time. I’ve been up and down and back again on what I want out of this race and what’s realistic and what would happen if I had … Continue reading

The Two-Week Countdown

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been absent from the Internet for awhile now. I took a bit of a mental hiatus from all this triathlon stuff — stepped away from my blog (and Twitter, and your blogs), made lists of the million and one non-tri things I want to do after Sept. 11, began … Continue reading

Musselman 70.3 Race Report

Sometimes, triathlon humbles you. Sometimes, your body says, “Thanks, but not today. Try again tomorrow?” Sometimes, you just don’t have the perfect race. I went into the Musselman 70.3 hoping for a pre-IM confidence boost. I haven’t focused on 70.3-specific training this year, rather, I’ve been using them as practice for THE BIG ONE. I … Continue reading

The Musselman Goal Post

Well, in just eight weeks I’ll be in Madison checking in for IM. I know. But first I’ll be heading to the lovely Finger Lakes region of N.Y. to race another 70.3. I signed up for Musselman back in the spring because it’s a High Cloud team race and there are a lot of us … Continue reading

Kinetic Half Ironman Goals, Reexamined

A few days post-race and I’m sick. I felt really good — never sore — until Tuesday afternoon, when my body decided it was over this whole thing and really didn’t want to allow me to go for my interval ride. Eleven hours of sleep later and I feel worse. Damn you, cold/flu/allergies/post-race meltdown. In … Continue reading

The Kinetic Goal Post

We’re just a few days out from the first half IM of the season and the first real test of my tri fitness. I’m really excited to see how far all those hours of training have gotten me, and I’m definitely going in with some confidence in my ability to perform. My Boston goal post … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Goals, Reexamined

I had a hard time setting goals for Boston. As I wrote in this post last week, my recent injury and total lack of marathon-specific training really threw me for a loop when it came to predicting my performance. No long runs — in fact, several weeks of no running on the road at all … Continue reading

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