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DC Tri Race Report

My plans last Sunday included a little sprint race known as the DC Tri. As I wrote last week, I wanted to do this race because it was where this whole thing began — with an overall podium finish and the conclusion that I somehow found my calling without really intending to. So when High … Continue reading

Oops…Another Race

Yeah. So. I just registered for another race. No worries though — this one’s a sprint and it’s just for fun. The DC Tri sprint last year (2010) was my first triathlon ever and absolutely the experience that got me hooked on this crazy sport. I signed up because I was looking for something to … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

Half of me can’t believe it’s already Thursday — my race is in two days? — and the other half is thinking that this has been the LONGEST WEEK EVER. 1. I did pool intervals last night for the first time since well before Boston. I went to Wednesday night track for a run clinic … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

TODAY IS LIKE CHRISTMAS. ONLY BETTER. 1. It’s Bike Day! That means tonight I will finally be bringing my new ride home. In case you missed it, I paid for my tri bike weeks ago, only to find out someone at the store accidentally sold it to another customer. Then it took forever and a … Continue reading

Dream Team Dinner

The High Cloud Dream Team had its official welcome dinner on Monday, the first time we’ve all had the opportunity to sit down and get to know each other since we joined the group earlier this year. Though some of us had interacted at various events or outside workouts, we had yet to get together … Continue reading

Three Hours of Spin

Because the stupid weather isn’t supposed to be any better this weekend and because everyone needs a little push this early in the season, here’s a shameless plug for High Cloud’s “Spinathon” on Sunday (Feb. 27): Come suffer through one, two or three hours of spin at Gold’s Gym in Clarendon — $15 per hour … Continue reading

The Power of Social Media

Dear readers: I have a favor to ask of you. As you may or may not know, I am a member of the High Cloud Foundation Dream Team, a group of athletes racing for and working with this amazing organzation that supports impoverished communities worldwide. Read my posts about it here. To promote High Cloud’s … Continue reading

A Snowy Half Marathon Race Report

No, I did not actually run a race. Rather, I spent the morning volunteering at the awesome High Cloud Snapple Half Marathon with other members of the 2011 Dream Team. Here’s a version of the report I wrote for the High Cloud blog: High Cloud’s first big event of the year was the High Cloud … Continue reading

Cloud Nine

I started my Friday with some fantastic news — I will be joining the High Cloud Foundation Dream Team, a group of 20 athletes representing an amazing nonprofit committed to supporting and empowering families and children in a number of impoverished communities worldwide. Yes! High Cloud, which was founded by DC Tri’s own Adriana and … Continue reading

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