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When It Rains, It Pours

1. Shit never ends. My knees are in solid shape, but my left peroneal tendons are acting up (cue pre-Boston injury) and I’m having some pain in my right foot that is horribly similar to what plantar fasciitis is supposed to feel like. I’m nipping this in the bud quickly though — the pain started … Continue reading

A String of [Semi-Related] Thoughts

Well, y’all, it appears that all I need to do from now on is complain about things — on the Internet, to my PT, to my mom over and over and over, thankfully she’s patient — and life will magically get better. I’ve had two appointments with (insurance-approved) PT #2, and I feel really good … Continue reading


Big huge effing sigh over here in the Speed Laces camp. While I’d love to report that training for my spring marathon is going swimmingly, that unfortunately isn’t the case. In case you forgot, I’m clumsy. And I fall a lot. And I had one particularly hard fall back in December that left my knees … Continue reading

Barres and Bruises

Whew. My life has been total and complete chaos since Thanksgiving (well, really since Nov. 1, but we won’t go there). Now that I’m finally settled into my new job and new apartment and have some semblance of a routine, I can get back to my training and my blog and my actual life. HOORAY! … Continue reading

How Running Saved My Life

Or, why I’m thankful for this crazy sport… I wasn’t always a runner. I actually hated running for the first 14 years of my life. I tried to get a doctor’s note to skip our annual Field Day and dreaded the weekly “Fitness Friday” mile runs in middle school. But somehow the first day of … Continue reading

Running On A Cloud

Sorry, kids. I’ve been on vacation. Sitting on the beach/dock > blog reading/writing/commenting. Now I have to regain motivation to train and then inform you all on how it’s going. I’m trying, I promise. Despite how it appears, I was productive while I was home last weekend. If you’ve been around for awhile, you know … Continue reading

PT #2: Sucky Running Form

Last night was my first real PT session, and overall it was very informative. The key takeaway? My running form is not awesome. My initial appointment several weeks back was just an assessment that gave Brian a chance to learn about my history and do a basic evaluation. I got some stretches to take home … Continue reading

National Half Marathon Race Report

Wow. Today I exceeded even my own expectations — which doesn’t happen often. In case you missed it, I’ve been nursing a stress injury for about six weeks. This means my on-road running has been very limited, though I have put in many hours on the bike and in the pool (both running and swimming). … Continue reading

Comeback Week

Workouts so far this week have been very positive, a welcome improvement over recent down days. I raced home from work on Monday to get on my bike and head out for an hour-plus spin down at Hains, as the weather was spring-like. I was planning to swim, but who wants to be inside breathing … Continue reading

Nervous and Un(der)prepared

I’m looking ahead, noticing Boston on my calendar and panicking. Thanks to this stupid injury, I’ve done minimal running in recent weeks and certainly haven’t hit anything long. Those 3 pre-race 20 milers? Not even on my radar. I was so good about starting marathon training on time, and I had a solid long run … Continue reading

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