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Revisiting Ironman

No, not considering another one for 2012. Sorry. Just taking a look at a few pictures from my parents’ camera that I haven’t seen before and reliving the ups and downs of that day. I kinda can’t believe I did it. “Ouch, Mom, I hurt!” [Also, no, I’m not the third female. Sorry.] Happy Wednesday, … Continue reading

The Post-Ironman Adrenaline Rush

So despite how much I struggled in the last half of the Ironman marathon, I was bursting with energy at the finish. Adrenaline will do that to you. After I met up with my parents, we hung around the finish for a bit so I could catch my breath and take it all in. Then … Continue reading

Ironman Wisconsin 2011 Race Report

A little more than a year ago, I had a team of people sitting at their computers, ready and waiting to help me register for some far-off crazy race in Wisconsin. The sheer volume of hits to Active.com that day caused the server to crash, and WTC closed registration only to reopen it a few … Continue reading

Ironman: Training + Valet Parking and Catering

Well, this is the last post before I go to sleep and then wake up to cover the final steps (ok, 140.6 miles, but who’s counting?) in my journey to become an Ironman. And guess what? I AM READY. Remember that you can track me tomorrow via Twitter or IronmanLive. I’ll leave it with this: … Continue reading

Ironman Wisconsin: Almost There

Today was “the day before the day.” Things I’ve accomplished: a short swim in the lake at 7am this morning; a 30-minute shakeout run; wandered around the huge farmers’ market taking place right outside our hotel; packed my transition bags; checked my bike and gear in at Monona Terrace; and mapped out where the parents … Continue reading

Ironman Wisconsin Gets Real

Well, today shit got real. After a solid night’s sleep in our awesome hotel — like 2 blocks from the start/transition/finish — Mom and I wandered down to the lakefront to pick up my Felt and gear bag from TriBike Transport. Lake Monona is beautiful, no? I didn’t pick my bike out among the racks … Continue reading

The Ironman Wisconsin Goal Post

Subtitle: Coming to Terms with What’s Possible at Ironman Wisconsin [Thanks to Jon for the inspiration.] I’ve been writing this post in my head for a long, looooong time. I’ve been up and down and back again on what I want out of this race and what’s realistic and what would happen if I had … Continue reading

IM Race Day Tracking

If you’re really, really, SUPER bored on Sunday, you could spend a few hours tracking me as I make my way through 140.6 miles in Wisconsin. I know more than one of you might be planning to have cocktail hour(s) while watching race splits. [That’s a lot of mimosas and glasses of wine, ladies. Just … Continue reading

Ironman Wisconsin, In Lists

I love lists. I make lists for everything — groceries, to-dos, books to read, movies to see, etc. I’m a big fan of color-coding and have an impressive set of fine tip Sharpies for that very reason. Not to mention a whole Spaces screen of Stickies on my computer. So it seems appropriate to put … Continue reading

Crowdsourcing: Ironman Playlist, Finish Pose

It’s race week, y’all! I’ve got a lot of last-minute details to wrap up before I head to Madison on Thursday — packing, mostly — so I thought I would open the floor for suggestions on two of the items on my to-do list. First, I need a pre-race playlist to get my psyched in … Continue reading

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