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Valentine’s Day for Single People

SOLVED. So *that’s* what I’ve been doing wrong all this time?!? Advertisements

Because It’s Friday…

I’m too lazy to write a long and rambling training update that you probably don’t care about anyway, so instead you get Random (Somewhat Embarrassing) Friday Facts and a delicious homemade pizza dinner. Enjoy! 1. I’ve had a huge crush on Zach Braff since forever. Like, HUGE. 2. On a related note, I’m working my … Continue reading

Christmas Lights Run

With temps in the mid-50s last night (it’s December, I KNOW), I pretty much had to go for a run. Shorts and a T-shirt, yes please! There’s almost nothing I love more than running in D.C. at night (maybe rivaled only by running at sunrise). The monuments are lit up and everything is so peaceful … Continue reading

Barres and Bruises

Whew. My life has been total and complete chaos since Thanksgiving (well, really since Nov. 1, but we won’t go there). Now that I’m finally settled into my new job and new apartment and have some semblance of a routine, I can get back to my training and my blog and my actual life. HOORAY! … Continue reading

Friday Fun — HE’S ENGLISH!

If you haven’t seen this video series yet, please take the time to watch every single one. Back story: these two British girls (they’re cousins, like five and eight years old) love Nicki Minaj and posted a video of themselves on YouTube singing Super Bass. They ended up on “Ellen” — because they’re actually really … Continue reading

Random Friday Facts

1. I’m not big on expressing feelings, but the song “God Gave Me You” (the Dave Barnes original and the Blake Shelton cover) will always and forever be emotionally charged and probably make me cry. 2. I’ve gone back and forth on liking country music, but I think I’ve firmly settled in the LOVE camp. … Continue reading

Random Friday Facts

1. I used to be really possessive about where I shopped for my clothes. As in, I told my sisters they weren’t “old enough” to shop at big-girl stores like Limited Too. I know. 2. I really love multipacks of fine-tip Sharpies. Color-coding my life keeps me sane. 3. My favorite breakfast in high school … Continue reading

The Wonders of Funemployment

Sorry for the nearly two-week absence. I’m making a few big life changes — new job, new apartment — and have had some great down time that I’ve spent doing anything but working and blogging. But there was bicycle riding — oh yes, lots. Here’s my funemployment vacation in pictures (and a few words): The … Continue reading

Random Friday Facts: The Fame Edition

It’s been a long time since my last RFF — here ya go! 1. I was interviewed on CNN when I was three. My dad was deployed to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, and the media basically camped out in our tiny Georgia town to follow the goings-on at the army base. My mom … Continue reading

Is This You?

Friday fun — the awkward running edition.

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