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I am not really a shoe person. Ask my sister, the queen of shoes. While she’d drop $$$ without even thinking, I like a few really good pairs and couldn’t really be bothered to buy things I can’t see myself wearing regularly. Not that I can’t appreciate Louboutins — I can — I just don’t … Continue reading

In The Footsteps Of Legends

There are a few places in the world that could be considered pilgrimage sites for runners. The track and stadium in Olympia, Greece, site of the ancient Olympics: The Olympic stadium in Athens, Greece, host of the first modern Games in 1896: The Boston Marathon finish line, arguably the Mecca of marathoning: And in April … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Goals, Reexamined

I had a hard time setting goals for Boston. As I wrote in this post last week, my recent injury and total lack of marathon-specific training really threw me for a loop when it came to predicting my performance. No long runs — in fact, several weeks of no running on the road at all … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Race Report: Part II

Boston wasn’t just about running 26.2 miles. It also was an opportunity to test my limits, shoot for some big goals, stop and appreciate my support team and learn a few things about my training and racing strategies. And to have fun, right? For a recap of the race itself, check out Part I. Post … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Race Report: Part I

There is nothing in the world like the Boston Marathon. Nothing. [Disclaimer — this is long and only Part I. Skip to the bottom if you so desire.] I’m officially part of the Boston club, and with an incredible personal performance to boot. Here’s the play-by-play of one of the most exciting things I’ve ever … Continue reading

Boston: The Day Before THE DAY

Sunday in Boston was wonderful. The sun came out, marathon madness was building and Mom and I got to enjoy more of the city — as I got more and more anxious for Monday morning to arrive. We started the day with a shake-out run of about 3.5 easy miles. Now, this seems minor, but … Continue reading

Boston: The Expo

Wow. I had quite a weekend in Beantown! But before I get to the race report, I want to recap some of the other fun things we experienced in this marathon-crazed city. Mom arrived in D.C. on Friday evening, and after packing my bags and chowing down on Whole Foods, we passed out in anticipation … Continue reading


Just a few minutes until the gun goes off. It’s my time.


Adidas — Boston’s official gear sponsor — is full of wisdom. For example: And since I just landed here in Beantown, a little bit of inspiration is in order. This ad, courtesy of Amy, says it all. With this much confidence you could only be in Hopkinton. Who’s that behind you? It’s just you winding … Continue reading

Boston Packing List

Packing is my least favorite thing in the world. It doesn’t matter where I’m going or what I need to take — it always and forever will be a frustrating experience. For something as important as a race, it’s critical that I take with me everything I could possibly need. Know the number one rule … Continue reading

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