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Back and Better Than Ever

So the past three months have been brilliant. Mostly because it’s summer, and I’ve spent a lot of time by the pool, biked and sailed my way through Croatia, and generally enjoyed any and all training I’ve done because it’s been well balanced by time spent not training. But despite this sort of lax, do-what-I-want … Continue reading

Thanks For Everything, Mom

A co-worker recently drew my attention to this awesome commercial from Procter & Gamble that celebrates moms — and sports moms in particular. I really hope you get chills and/or cry while watching this. I know I did. About a year ago, I wrote a post about how incredibly supportive my family has been in … Continue reading

Sorry Y’all, BRB

To kick off a work meeting last week, we were asked to share our life theme song. Normally I hate icebreakers like this, and when put on the spot to come up with a favorite movie/book/artist I always get flustered and can’t think of a single example. Sure enough, when it was my turn, I … Continue reading

Ironman: Training + Valet Parking and Catering

Well, this is the last post before I go to sleep and then wake up to cover the final steps (ok, 140.6 miles, but who’s counting?) in my journey to become an Ironman. And guess what? I AM READY. Remember that you can track me tomorrow via Twitter or IronmanLive. I’ll leave it with this: … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

1. I got some goodies in the mail today! Last week I ordered a racing kit from the awesome ladies at Soas, and I’m hoping this will be the first (and obviously most important) time I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing while racing. I also received two things I’ve had on my list for awhile … Continue reading

All Kinds of Crazy

Ironman is just 37 days away, and I’m a crazy nutcase. I’m questioning my sanity for getting myself caught up in this mess in the first place, but since I’m stuck with it, I also have constant conflicts running through my brain. Am I overtrained or undertrained? Or neither? Do I take a rest day … Continue reading

This Is Why I Train

Last week I finally discovered my mantra (I KNOW, late to the party) and that, along with the realization that my big race is less than nine weeks away and I’ve been training hard since January, got me thinking about why I do all this crazy stuff. Sure, I love it, and spent a lot … Continue reading

On Strength: My New Mantra

Saucony has a cool new campaign called “Find Your Strong.” I don’t wear Saucony, but I think the marketing is brilliant and makes me want to watch this over and over and over. [This is not hard — it plays during every TDF commercial break.] Katie is the queen of awesome mantras, and I’ve been … Continue reading

All Rested Up + Another Sandwich

I’m baaaaaaaack! The long holiday weekend was absolutely the best thing I could possibly have done for my mental and physical health. As I wrote last week, I had a series of super crappy workouts and was beyond exhausted and really hated even the sight of my bike and my neon Newtons (file under: this … Continue reading

Checking Out: The Mental Break

Dear readers: this post is just to let you know that I’ll be absent for a few days. When I first signed up for Total 200, my coach warned me that it took her several weeks to recover after last year’s ride. She rode too hard, she said, and told me that the best thing … Continue reading

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