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Three Things Thursday: SIGH

1. I never train with music. I used to carry my iPhone when I ran, but then I realized that it’s super sensitive to sweat (I’ve wasted a lot of rice on this thing) and have since gone sans tunes. I’ve been thinking about buying an iPod shuffle for, um, a year now and really … Continue reading

The Speedlaces Makeover

Well, the blog is almost four months old, and I’m in a makeover kind of mood. I’m still testing things out, but here’s a first go at a new look. What do you think? Too busy? Easier to navigate? More or less aesthetically pleasing? Leave me some honest feedback!

Today I Am Thankful For

My BQ. If you haven’t already heard, today was a big day in the world of endurance sports. The Boston Athletic Association changed the qualifying/registration process for the Boston Marathon, making it harder still for people to run the race. The qualifying standards have long been under scrutiny — claims that the women’s times are … Continue reading

Because It’s Valentine’s Day…

I personally am not a fan of this holiday, but Competitor made it a little bit lighter by posting a funny story about how to date a triathlete. It’s an interesting answer to the debate spurred a few weeks back by WSJ’s article on the strain endurance training puts on relationships. As a refresher, that … Continue reading

Pro Cycling In Full Swing

Most people know very little about professional cycling other than the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong and, recently, doping scandals. But the sport is way more complex and exciting than that. There’s a race nearly every weekend, and there are many fantastic teams and riders who don’t get the publicity given Lance and his … Continue reading

When Training Takes Over Your Life

Setting off many a discussion today is a new Wall Street Journal article about how endurance training affects relationships. The title, “A Workout Ate My Marriage,” is how I feel about a lot of aspects of my life. Anyway, the premise of the story is that training often can leave one half of a relationship … Continue reading

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