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Big huge effing sigh over here in the Speed Laces camp. While I’d love to report that training for my spring marathon is going swimmingly, that unfortunately isn’t the case. In case you forgot, I’m clumsy. And I fall a lot. And I had one particularly hard fall back in December that left my knees … Continue reading

Not-So-Standard Lasagna

I really love one-pot meals. Chili, casserole, soup, pretty much anything that can be made and refrigerated/frozen ahead of time for busy workout-filled evenings is high on my list. Preparing a multi-dish dinner often is the last thing I want to do when I get home from the pool or gym. It sounds boring, but … Continue reading

Back In The Kitchen

Hey, 2012! So the first week of January treated me well. I spent NYE swimming a crazy 10,060 yards with Katie and running a 4-miler with my favorite girls and eating and drinking and Apples-to-Apples dominating and generally enjoying the hell out of life. I rode my bike in shorts — twice — and had … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: SIGH

1. I never train with music. I used to carry my iPhone when I ran, but then I realized that it’s super sensitive to sweat (I’ve wasted a lot of rice on this thing) and have since gone sans tunes. I’ve been thinking about buying an iPod shuffle for, um, a year now and really … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: The Countdown

It’s September — in just over 9 days I’ll be at the IM start! 1. My Felt and gear bag are packed and ready to be dropped off at Bonzai tonight. I cleaned the bike really well — you’re welcome, mechanics — in preparation for a thorough pre-race tuneup and packed up all the things … Continue reading

The Farmers’ Market [Sandwich]

One thing I’ve really missed in IM training — other than sleep and free time — is the flexibility to go to the Dupont Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings. Since I have to get my long rides and runs in early, especially now that it’s blistering hot as soon as the sun rises, I don’t … Continue reading

Kinetic Half Ironman Goals, Reexamined

A few days post-race and I’m sick. I felt really good — never sore — until Tuesday afternoon, when my body decided it was over this whole thing and really didn’t want to allow me to go for my interval ride. Eleven hours of sleep later and I feel worse. Damn you, cold/flu/allergies/post-race meltdown. In … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Windy Edition

Who else is over the gusting winds in D.C.? Because I am. 1. My first 70.3 is just a week and two days away. That hadn’t really ocurred to me until — uh — today. I haven’t done any transition practice, no open water swims, no wetsuit removals. Just swim/bike/run. And only one brick. I … Continue reading

Post-Race Refuel

I somehow managed to resist the temptation to order Thai food for dinner last night. My body was craving rest, and I was definitely struggling to get off the couch. But I dragged my butt to the grocery store so Rachel and I could enjoy a healthy, home-cooked meal instead. Go me. I snacked all … Continue reading

Salad Surprise

I don’t like salads. Green salads, that is. I find raw veggies and dressing to be oh-so-boring and generally not satisfying. I’d rather have roasted asparagus or steamed broccoli to get my greens — please don’t give me rabbit food. But I’ve found a salad I can handle. It incorporates meat, nuts, fruit and veggies,  … Continue reading

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