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Big huge effing sigh over here in the Speed Laces camp. While I’d love to report that training for my spring marathon is going swimmingly, that unfortunately isn’t the case. In case you forgot, I’m clumsy. And I fall a lot. And I had one particularly hard fall back in December that left my knees … Continue reading

How Running Saved My Life

Or, why I’m thankful for this crazy sport… I wasn’t always a runner. I actually hated running for the first 14 years of my life. I tried to get a doctor’s note to skip our annual Field Day and dreaded the weekly “Fitness Friday” mile runs in middle school. But somehow the first day of … Continue reading

The Post-Ironman Adrenaline Rush

So despite how much I struggled in the last half of the Ironman marathon, I was bursting with energy at the finish. Adrenaline will do that to you. After I met up with my parents, we hung around the finish for a bit so I could catch my breath and take it all in. Then … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: TDF and More

I love long weekends because guess what? It’s already Thursday! 1. The Tour de France is well underway, and it’s absolutely the reason that July is the best month of the year. I have so many hours of cycling on my DVR to keep me occupied for days, and I know every night when I … Continue reading

All Rested Up + Another Sandwich

I’m baaaaaaaack! The long holiday weekend was absolutely the best thing I could possibly have done for my mental and physical health. As I wrote last week, I had a series of super crappy workouts and was beyond exhausted and really hated even the sight of my bike and my neon Newtons (file under: this … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Tired Edition

Who said recovery week is easy and relaxing? My body is shutting down — hard — and making me feel miserable. Not the sunny few days I was hoping for. 1. I was really excited to check out Monday night boxing with my new Balance pass, but I’m sad to say it was a really … Continue reading

It’s Recovery Week Wooooooooooooo

This week I finally get a break. I haven’t had a true recovery since I started my IM plan nine weeks ago — and definitely not in the base phase before that — so I’m really excited about this mental and physical respite. It couldn’t come at a better time. I raced yesterday (report to … Continue reading

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