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Three Things Thursday: SIGH

1. I never train with music. I used to carry my iPhone when I ran, but then I realized that it’s super sensitive to sweat (I’ve wasted a lot of rice on this thing) and have since gone sans tunes. I’ve been thinking about buying an iPod shuffle for, um, a year now and really … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Offseason’s Coming

1. You guys, I ran a 1:30 half marathon last weekend! Every time I think about this I get excited. Post-IM fitness WHAT UP. On the slight downside, my body is still a little bit mad at me, probably not helped along by my first boot camp class in months. But the off-season goal is … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: The Countdown

It’s September — in just over 9 days I’ll be at the IM start! 1. My Felt and gear bag are packed and ready to be dropped off at Bonzai tonight. I cleaned the bike really well — you’re welcome, mechanics — in preparation for a thorough pre-race tuneup and packed up all the things … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Uh, What?

1. Did I miss something here? Today is the most beautiful weather we’ve had in D.C. since…uh…I can’t remember when. Warm but not hot, no humidity, a breeze — it’s like the most amazing day of spring ever in the history of the world. In the middle of July. Please stay this way, please?!? 2. … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: The Grab Bag

I’m tired. It’s hot. I’m ready for the weekend. Again. 1. I really need to get my act together on the whole stretching/PT/core work. I’ve never been much for recovery or anything outside my main workout, and I find it really hard to get motivated to pull out my yoga mat and do crunches and … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Admiration Edition

1. I will never get tired of people commenting on my bike. Yes, it’s sexy. Yes, it’s badass. Yes, it goes fast. Even the guys at the Bike Rack made a point about how gorgeous it is. This feedback only serves to make me feel better about the absurd amount of money I spent on … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Feel Better Edition

1. I really dislike being sick. It’s screwing with my training plans, possibly keeping me from heading to #fitbloggin this weekend and all around getting in the way of life. I can’t afford to be out for several days after each race — or really at all for the rest of the season — so … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

Half of me can’t believe it’s already Thursday — my race is in two days? — and the other half is thinking that this has been the LONGEST WEEK EVER. 1. I did pool intervals last night for the first time since well before Boston. I went to Wednesday night track for a run clinic … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Windy Edition

Who else is over the gusting winds in D.C.? Because I am. 1. My first 70.3 is just a week and two days away. That hadn’t really ocurred to me until — uh — today. I haven’t done any transition practice, no open water swims, no wetsuit removals. Just swim/bike/run. And only one brick. I … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: Work Edition

Man. This week. [Disclaimer: don’t read to #3 if you’re easily grossed out.] 1. My coworkers have learned a lot about me recently. Before Boston, probably two knew about my endurance addiction, or that I spend every waking second outside of this office working out, fueling to work out or resting to prepare to work … Continue reading

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