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Back and Better Than Ever

So the past three months have been brilliant. Mostly because it’s summer, and I’ve spent a lot of time by the pool, biked and sailed my way through Croatia, and generally enjoyed any and all training I’ve done because it’s been well balanced by time spent not training. But despite this sort of lax, do-what-I-want … Continue reading

A String of [Semi-Related] Thoughts

Well, y’all, it appears that all I need to do from now on is complain about things — on the Internet, to my PT, to my mom over and over and over, thankfully she’s patient — and life will magically get better. I’ve had two appointments with (insurance-approved) PT #2, and I feel really good … Continue reading

Swimming Lessons

Before I got into triathlon, I took a pretty significant hiatus from the pool. In other words, five years of intense swim training were followed by five years without so much as a lap of anything resembling any of the four strokes. That means I haven’t been coached since I was a sophomore in high … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday: SIGH

1. I never train with music. I used to carry my iPhone when I ran, but then I realized that it’s super sensitive to sweat (I’ve wasted a lot of rice on this thing) and have since gone sans tunes. I’ve been thinking about buying an iPod shuffle for, um, a year now and really … Continue reading

Century Rides 2011 — Round #6: Reston

Well, I’m back from vacation, and what better way to end my final pre-taper training week with one last century ride? After seven days of sitting on the beach — don’t worry, I didn’t miss a single workout! — it was great to get back into the IM mindset with six hours in the saddle. … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

1. I got some goodies in the mail today! Last week I ordered a racing kit from the awesome ladies at Soas, and I’m hoping this will be the first (and obviously most important) time I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing while racing. I also received two things I’ve had on my list for awhile … Continue reading

Wisconsin Training Camp: Days #3 & 4

Saturday in Madison was my second go at the IM bike course. Before the weekend began, I had grand ambitions to ride the full 108-ish miles again — against my better judgment and the advice of my coach — because I felt like I needed to take advantage of every last second of course preview … Continue reading

These Aren’t Hills — They’re Mountains

I’m in my last few weeks of peak training, which means huge workouts — like a double brick out in the Virginia mountains. I’ve been looking forward to (dreading?) this workout since I saw it on my schedule months ago. In theory, a double brick (40 mile ride, 40 minute run, repeat) is supposed to … Continue reading

Wisconsin Training Camp: Day #1

Well, I’ve been out of the loop for almost two weeks. Sorry about that. On top of a few busy days at work and a weekend away, my mind has been all over the place about all things IM. More on that later. First, my trip to Madison for some pre-race training… Endurance Nation was … Continue reading

So Many Hillzzzzzzz

The past few days have reaffirmed my love for my bike — after Total 200, we were on hiatus — as well as my love for climbing. Which is great, since my hilly 112 miles at IMWI is just shy of nine weeks away. On Saturday, Katie and I headed out early (and by that … Continue reading

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